Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                                        

Are you a psychic?

I am a psychic but prefer to be referred to as an intuitive counselor.  People often think psychics can do everything which is not the case.  Each person with intuitive abilities has different talents.  I work with energies, much like Edgar Cayce, not always knowing where these insights come from—they just come.

What can I expect from a session with you?

I will explain to you what is going to happen and answer any questions you may have regarding the session.  I then ease into an altered state and the channeling begins, offering support and positive reinforcement.  I often use analogies to “paint pictures” of what I am prompted to share with you. 

I believe to have been given this sacred gift to provide my clients with accurate, genuine and sincere intuitive readings with respect and good intent.  I am deeply passionate in my belief of helping others.  My ethical standards, truth and integrity are assured and highly valued by my clients.

Can I ask questions during the session?

You may ask questions during the session; however, I may ask you to wait until the end if I’m receiving a strong message and need to focus on a more important message at that moment in time.

Can I provide photos, an item of clothing, or belongings for you to read?

Yes, as energies from these articles provide that which I am able to tap into and provide more information.

Most of my experiences with psychics end up with a number of vague or general statements instead of direct answers to my questions.  Why is that?

No psychic can answer all questions, directly, along with the unfortunate experience that not all psychics are legitimate.  I am often channeled, which means messages are given through me to you.   These channeled messages may not always pertain directly to each of your questions as I never know which will be answered?   Meaning to questions has often become evident in the future. 

I’m generally skeptical about psychics – have you ever turned a true skeptic around?

I believe you should be skeptical about psychic readings as there are many people who proclaim to have these abilities but do not.  You should be cautious when opening yourself to people in this field—that is why personal references are so important.

I have had the privilege of turning true skeptics around many times—not always during the session but sometimes in the future when something I said came true and they called to report at a later time.  As an example a woman told me, in session, that she had a twelve-year-old daughter and wanted to know her future.  When I told her that her daughter was going to have a baby girl, with a full head of black hair, when she turned 19 years old, she said, “no, no, no”!  Sure enough—7 years later she e-mailed me with a photo of her granddaughter, exactly as I described her.  She was no longer a skeptic.

How accurate are you with readings?

There are times that I do not know the answer to a direct question and honestly explain such; however, I do answer all of the questions of which I am certain.  We don’t always know the answers to all questions—sometimes the answer to a question may not seem relevant in the present but will become apparent at some point in the future.

Can you interact with people who have passed on?

Yes, but not often.  Sometimes they speak through me and sometimes I see them.  Normally, those attempting to gain closure or deliver a message to my client make these contacts.

What length of time do I need for a psychic reading?

Based on my experience, a comfortable reading takes approximately one hour.  If the client requests more time, I am happy to accommodate.

Can I record my psychic reading with you?

I encourage the reading to be recorded in order for the client to enjoy their time with me and know it is recorded for later listening.  I record the sessions and mail an audio CD in order for my clients to review the lessons and information revealed to them.

Do I need an account with PayPal to use your services?

I use PayPal for Internet (Skype) readings and cash/local checks for in-person sessions.

What happens if I am late for my appointment or need to change the day or time?

I expect timeliness for the respect of other clients.   A 24-hr notice of cancellation is required.   I will offer a 15-minute window of time, depending upon the circumstances, with the understanding that it may not be possible to extend the session for an hour.

Do you give free tarot readings or free psychic readings?

My services do not include tarot readings or free psychic readings.