I am so proud of you for starting this business. Your gift is special and it is great that you are sharing it with the world.
Hello Dee, Met you at work the other day and I was to suppose to care for you...but you turned the tables and I thank you, I feel better now.
What up Dee? Your web site looks great. I'm glad your are finally using your special abilities to help others.
Great website Dee! I will share with others and am so glad your great gift is now helping others on a full time basis! You are an extraordinary woman and have given me some great insights into people/places/things that have helped me understand situations I wasn't sure about. Thanks for the insights and friendship...a very special lady indeed!
Hi Dee - Thanks for sharing your information and experience with me. I've always been fascinated by metaphysics, and believe that there are some genuinely gifted people like you out there. I plan to visit your website often! - Judy