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So -- I ask:

What is on your mind today?  What is tugging at your heart?

Do you need some help sifting through your emotions, your questions and your worries with someone who genuinely cares and has innate, intuitive abilities to help bring the clarity and direction you seek?

You may be able to talk with your best friend, family member, colleague, neighbor or maybe no one at all?  If you are searching for answers, you may need someone who has the skills to realize the meaning behind your feelings, actions and fears.  This is what an intuitive counselor can do.  This is my passion in life!


So -- here we are:

Amidst the tumult of visions, we often need to search within for the foundation upon which we can survive. How many times have we felt or heard, "What do I want?  What about this job?  Who am I?  What is my purpose?  We sometimes catch hold of a direction but find ourselves running into the future, outwardly directed, without much thought at all about ourselves -- there is simply no time!

Granted, monetary survival is essential for the roof over our head and nourishment but there is that within needing us, too.  Self-acceptance and self-respect is a journey all its own.

The spiritual challenge is the transforming of our immense power into awakening our connection to inner peace. We need to stop, take time for ourselves and nurture our individual spirituality.

* Experience breaking free from your fears, relax, meditate and realize peace.
* Experience a psychic, channeled, clairvoyant, medium or energy reading
* Experience spiritual success and receiving healing in a safe space within.

My Reading Process:

I work with energies and am channeled.  You will have an explanation of how it works as I often explain myself using analogies -- it is easier for me when I speak so quickly.  I disclose exactly what I see, feel and hear.  Some of this information may be about people or situations of which you do not yet understand as it may pertain to the future.

You may inquire about specific goals and I may or may not be able to answer each question.  I may instead relate that about which I am being channeled -- information that is currently more important.  This type of healing can be administered in-person, at a distance or about someone not even present or whom I shall never meet.  This idea is quite compatible with theories of quantum physics in which there is no time/space barriers.  In quantum physics, separated particles communicate instantaneously.  Energies can affect each other at far ends of the galaxies.  It's not magical or mystical -- it is just how things work!  Exact timing is unimportant to me.  If we run over your allotted time, in the midst of an important message I am to deliver, there is no extra cost.

It is always best to keep an open mind to the information as presented.  I have often found there are those who deny the truth of which I speak, but it is better to relax and listen, for there is always a message we don't often want to hear but is, in fact, a help. Legitimate and genuine psychics do their best to guide you but, please remember, they too are being guided in the process.  Please have an understanding, appreciation and remain open-minded to the information as it is being presented. This presents a more accurate reading -- one whereby a greater degree of clarity and understanding may be achieved.

Should you have someone with you, at the time of your reading, please understand that my energy readings may pick-up on events, situations, or people around you as I am not able to control the energies and channeling. If I am referring to "you", it is possible the reference may refer to "them" and not you directly.

So -- we then proceed:

* Relax -- Deep breathe, think positively and be still
* Meditate -- Close your eyes, search within and be at one with your spirituality.
* Ground -- Shed thoughts of negative associations and release past sorrows.

I thank you for visiting and invite you to explore the information on my website.  Together, we can release a negative past, enjoy the present and shift positive focus to the future.  Please remember, my purpose in life is to help others help themselves by offering sincere, genuine and authentic guidance and support.  Helping others is a passion I have held close for years.

My reward is your success!

Please contact me when you are ready to begin your journey ...


Psychic Reading appointments may be scheduled by Phone/Skype/In-Person.
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All arrangements will be made and confirmed by email / phone.
(You are always welcome to call with questions). 

Handwriting Analysis available upon request.
(Materials need to be mailed.  Pricing will depend on the amount of material - cost will be approved by you before the process begins.  Handwriting Analysis may be discussed by Skype / Phone / Email).